What do you listen to music on and from 90% of the time?

Where I listen to music and on what devices, from which sites.

I switched from Apple Music to FreeMp3Cloud, because it has a very good AI, which makes selections just to my liking. Out of 10 new tracks, 7-8 are definitely added to my playlists. I listen through JBL T500BT and first generation Airpods. In the future I'm planning to get a Sonyka/Senhee or something fucked up. Without headphones I listen through Genius speakers which are 17 years old because they fuck up good, it suits me fine. In the future I plan to connect a normal 5.1, by bluetooth.

I listen the old-fashioned way, by downloading mp3 files to my device. On my computer with audacious, on my smartphone with AIMP. I always use Sennheiser headphones: HD180 at home, PC2 at the office, MX170 for mobile. I don't have any complaints about the brand so far. At work and at school I listen, mainly to stay awake or to concentrate better in a noisy environment.

Electrostatic headphones. In these, sound is created by the movement of a soft, almost weightless, charged diaphragm inside a capacitor - due to electrostatic forces. The main advantage: there is virtually no dynamic distortion. That is, every detail can be heard. Main disadvantage: you need an amplifier, most often a stationary one (in the photo on the bottom right). Specifically mine do not sound perfect out of the box - for example, below 80 Hz the bass fails. But they are very friendly with equalizers, and if you take the profile from the AutoEQ project, it turns out very interesting.

I listen to music in shure srh840 + fiio olympus e10, the source is either Vox with music compositions downloaded in mp3, or directly on FreeMp3Cloud. FreeMp3Cloud is nice because it regularly brings up some new artists, which are nice to listen to. I don't like earplugs, they make my ears hurt. But the monitor ones are the best. If you need to turn on something other than yourself, the speakers are either in the monitor or in the laptop.

For its size this headset has very good sound, plus usability - separate buttons for everything, no tapping/stroking to switch tracks or change the volume. True, the interlocutors complain about hearing if you talk on the street, and also the left earphone can not be used separately, only the right or both at the same time. Sometimes, when I want more sound, I unpack my AKG Y50bt. Yes, I love wireless headphones, I don't want, like at school, to run wires through my clothes so they don't get in the way).

I often listen to music, it suits me fine, but some specific tracks of certain genre of electronica, like Progressive House, are often absent there, so I just find them on youtube, convert them to mp3, then upload them to my channel in tv, which I made especially for music. Besides that, I also listen to music on SoundCloud, I find some good sets there.

For about six months I listened to music on Bowers Wilkins PX, the sound was amazing, but more than 4 hours in heavy headphones was uncomfortable to sit. In the end I sold them, now I plan to buy a Marshall Killburn speaker. For listening to music at work there is Huawei freebuds 3 - the sound quality is much lower, but they are lightweight and not sorry to lose them.

Recently the headphones started to rattle a little bit in my left ear. Because of this and the desire for even better sound, I bought myself the Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro. Very good ears, crystal clear sound, but the shape of the ear was not a good fit, it was physically painful to sit in them for a long time. I had to go back to the Senghas. Now I have the HD660S. It was very interesting to hear the difference in the upper price segment of these manufacturers. The sound is different, more familiar to the Senkhs, but a head above the PC360, for sure. At work too the Senkhs. Rather budget-friendly, I don't remember the exact model. I bought a Chord Mojo to make it really good. Lately I have been listening to music only on my desktop with foobar. On my portable devices only podcasts and games. For them I have wireless ears with active noise cancelling (Sony WI-1000X for summer and Bose NC 700 for the rest of the seasons), so I can listen and play in the subway.